The Big Fat Disclaimer

We are not physicians.  We are not nurses, physician's assistants, or nutritionists.  We are not even D.O.'s.  Absolutely nothing that we say on this site is gospel or should be given any credence whatsoever.  We are fully aware that most of what we write is probably complete B.S., rubbish, or both, and we hope you are aware of that, too. 

Please consult a doctor before you take up any fitness or nutrition program.  Certainly, consult a physician before you do anything as stupid drastic as what we have done.

We are not anorexic or bulimic.  We are not suffering from any other eating disorder.  We throw down, not up.  If you think that you know otherwise, please feel free to come eat with us.

We have sarcasm in our hearts.  It's who we are.  We make no apologies for it.  If you are offended by anything on this site, there are a million other blogs that may be better suited to your sensibilities.

There may be adult content here.  For example, we sometimes use colorful language.  We are adults, and we are immature adults - so I've been told - so we think it's funny. 

Now, with that all being said, we are VERY glad that you are here.  We enjoy sharing our daily musings on food, fitness, friends, and family.  If you also enjoy what we are dishing out, please come back for seconds, thirds, etc.  If you come back enough, we might even get advertisers.  And, wouldn't that be a kick in the pants to our husbands.