Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I am [not] a literary genius . . . and what I ate on Tuesday.

Every now and then, magic happens.  Without trying too hard, I write a post that people seem to actually enjoy.  And, then for a few days, people stop me around town and tell me how great that particular  post was.  


Let me tell you what the formula is for that magic:  vodka.  

I'm usually about three drinks in when I write something that is self-deprecating enough to really be funny.

Lately though, I've had some writer's block. Or, maybe I just have been cutting back too much on my vodka intake, but, for whatever reason, I've been struck speechless . . .  which is unheard of.    

So, just now, I poured myself my first second vodka and club soda, and we are going to see what happens.

Yes, that is a whine glass.  No that is not a typo.

Switching gears.   So that you never have to wonder again, I added a little block in the side bar that tells you what I (and usually Elizabeth, too)  am reading right now.  

Now, don't go thinking that I'm going to wow you with my literary selections.   After  . . . or maybe because of . . . the Twilight books, I discovered that I get the most enjoyment out of reading about vapid little girls that like to send mixed signals to their bad boy, turned-protector boyfriends.  

What can I say?  I read patents about telecommunications devices and protocol all day.  I don't want to think too terribly much when I am reading for pleasure.  

Now, I will freely admit to everyone (but my dad) that I like a little Shades of Grey in my books.

But, I don't really require much . . . a little will get me by . . . 

And let's be real.  You had to read somewhere around 1500 pages in the Twilight books before you got to any Shades of Grey.  Damn Mormons.   (More than fifty percent of America is thinking that today for an entirely different reason).

Right now we are reading "Beautiful Disaster" by Jamie McGuire.  

I'm actually done with it, and salivating like a dog with rabies while waiting for the "sequel" (which is not a sequel at all but the book written again from the dude's point of view).  

I love the idea of a romance novel written from the perspective of the should-be-unattainable bad boy.  I personally relate more to the boy's perspective of romance than the girl's.  I'm not gushy.  I'm not touchy feely.   I don't cry.  I am not a communicator.  

But, I do love a love story.  So, I'm really excited about this next installment of my current reading obsession.  In fact, it has me the vodka thinking that maybe I should write a book myself.  Only, I will skip the girl's perspective altogether and go straight to the sequel.  Or is it a prequel? 

I brought this idea up to Oz last night.  He rolled his eyes and said, "here we go . . . "  I don't think he thinks it is a good idea.  But, this is from a guy who thinks it is a good idea to take up bee keeping.  

Boy did I get off on a tangent.  

Want to know what I ate yesterday?  I was a very good girl.   

A very boring breakfast followed by a coffee date with a
high school friend I hadn't talked to in 20 years.
Lunch:  Shockingly delicious.
Dinner:  Three bean Chili from
If that looks like a lot of food, it was.  And, I ate every bite.
Made for an interesting evening.

Snacks:  Delicious.  I love snacks more than meals.
I should mention that Elizabeth and I started a "28 day Crackdown on Crapola" on Sunday.  If you want the details, please see our "The Rules" page.  

Who's in?

Have any good book suggestions?


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