Saturday, September 15, 2012

Weekly Workout Wrap-up

Twenty-eight people read my blog post yesterday.  Twenty-eight.


Some bloggers would find that to be a pitiful number, I'm sure.  Not me.

That's twenty-eight people who gave a crap about what I had to say.    Or maybe, they just wanted to discover some new apps they could add to their beloved iPhones.   Whatever.  I prefer to think that there are twenty-eight people (and not just Elizabeth, Emily, Jill, and my mom) who care what I have to say.

But, out of the twenty-eight people who read that post . . . nobody responded to my questions.  Nobody commented.  I'm crying real tears here, people.  Real tears.

I said last week that I would do the whole "Weekly Workout Wrap-up" on Fridays.  But, it didn't work out for me yesterday.  What can I say?  I'm unpredictable.

There was so much to do last night -

  1. An Ardmore Tigers football game that should have been attended, 
  2. A cocktail hour at Bar 115 with some awesome friends, and 
  3. A girl's night out at another friend's house that promised drinks and toenail painting.  
And I did none of that.  No, no.   I stayed home for a little rest and recovery and enjoyed a movie night with my kiddos . . . and one cat (who thinks he should live inside but is more likely to meet the bad side of a coyote).

It's cool though.   I needed some recovery time after yesterday.

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The shot went well . . . as well as any shot  . . . that is administered in your lower back . . . and results in you laying on your stomach with your bare ass in the air . . . in front of two male nurses that "remember you from last time" probably because of the big scab that you had right above your butt crack.

Right. I could feel the "wink, wink" exchanged between the two nurses.  It was awesome.

I asked for and received half of the Valium (or other intoxicant) that was administered last time to "calm me down" . . . administered so that I would forget that I was laying face down with my derri√®re up in the air in front of a bunch of dudes . . . and administered so that I didn't flinch and end up paralyzed.

By the way, flinching is a real problem when you are getting an injection in the spine, and I did flinch yesterday.  And in response to that flinch, two hands were gently and strategically placed upon my buttocks while quiet, calming words were uttered in my ear in an effort to zen me out during the big stick.  Again, it was awesome . . . please tell me that you can read sarcasm.

This getting old stuff sucks.  But, it's okay because I had my mom with me.

And, despite getting old and despite the big sticks, here is what I did this week:

And, because I was told yesterday by real, live medical personnel that running may not be an option right now . . . and again, I cried real tears . . . I'm looking for a mom suit to swim in at the gym pool.

Ebay is for cheapskates like me

I'm going to take a stab at water running.  This lady did it, and it worked for her.  I'm also looking for a stellar core workout.  If I'm going to fix this back problem, I need to strengthen my core.  Plus, the Great and Powerful Oz says it's not what it used to be.

I REALLY do hope you have a great weekend, don't get stuck with any big needles, and don't end up with your posterior up in the air in front of a couple of dudes that you don't really know . . . unless you really want to . . . and that's your own business.  I don't judge.  That's for Jesus.


Here are today's questions.  Answer one, damn it.

  1. Do you have big plans for the weekend?
  2. Do you know if the Ardmore Tigers won?
  3. Have you ever had to give up running or another form of exercise due to injury?
  4. Do you have a good core workout to share with me?
  5. Have you ever been ass up in front of two guys that you don't know?  Oh, wait, that's probably too personal.


  1. nothing exciting, I was one of the 28 who read your post :)

    plank holds always make me sore!

    when I had to take a break from running I did the elliptical machine, wasn't as fun but did the job.

    1. I can always count on you! Here's a chest bump just for you.