Friday, September 7, 2012

Vegas or bust

It's Friday!  Yay!  You are going to find out why I'm so excited in a minute.

I thought I would start something new and do a weekly workout wrap-up on Friday's.  It will be an accounting to help me remember what I've done and see where I've improved.  So, here are this week's workouts (I took off last Saturday and Sunday):

Now for the big news.  

Crazy as a Mother is going to Vegas.   

Elizabeth, Easy-Go Joe, Oz and I are flying out this afternoon.  

There are going to be cocktails.  There is going to be gambling and late nights.  

These will be followed by late morning workouts in the hotel gym.

There might be a little shopping.

There is DEFINITELY going to be a whole lot of laying by the pool and soaking up the desert sun.

And, I know, there is going to be some good eating.  I'm betting it's not going to all be fat-free or sugar free or carb free.  Who knows . . . I might get crazy . . . and eat bacon.  

I also know this . . . what happens in Vegas . . . won't necessarily stay in Vegas.  

My bet is that I will take 1000 pictures.  Easy-GO Joe may take my phone away.  I may try to figure out what all this twitter stuff is about and tweet my through sin city. 

 If all goes as planned, I will con Oz into marrying me all over again.  In front of Elvis.

And, you'll be able to catch it all on Instagram.  Or not.  That's cool, too.

Have a great weekend!


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