Friday, September 14, 2012

The Skinny on Skinny Apps

Everyone has an iPhone these days.  Business poeple.  Stay-at-home moms.  The people paying for their groceries with Wic vouchers.  Heck, even toddlers. 

I think I only know three people who are not iPhone crackheads.  

-My dad because he has big fingers, bad hearing, and propensity for dropping phones in toilets.    
- A friend who doesn't want to pay that much for a phone.
- And, another friend that is the lone holdout in the blackberry v. iPhone debate.

I totally get not wanting to pay that much for a phone and data plan.   I do not understand love for a blackberry, however.  


For approximately 4 years, I carried both a blackberry and an iphone, and I can objectively say that the iPhone is far, far superior.   I know the blackberry has a keyboard, blah, blah, blah . . . but I would rather throw this in my bag:

The iPhone has changed the world.  It has certainly changed my world.  I know where mine is at all times.  No one is more married to the little device than I am.


It wakes me up in the morning.

It operates as a beacon of light, guiding my way through my dark house.

It's how I keep abreast of hard-hitting news.

It allows me to stay literate.

It let's me play DJ and rock out in the car.

It entertains my kids.

It keeps me in constant and ongoing communication with my friends.

About some really important stuff.

And you know what else it does for me? It helps me stay fit.

Here are 6 apps that I either use or have used:

My Fitness Pal

This little jewel allows you to log your food and exercise in a Facebook-like atmosphere.   In addition to keeping track of  your own caloric intake, My Fitness Pal will allow you to keep tabs on what your friends are snacking on across town, which can be good and bad . . . because some times what they are snacking on is better than what you are snacking on . . . and then you have to start over . . . and you have to log that, too. 

Nike Training Club 
Nike Training Center is like having a personal trainer in your pocket.  Maybe you already have a personal trainer in your pocket.  But, this app gives you access to hundreds of focused workouts.  It is perfect for doing workouts at home when you can't make it to the gym.  As an added incentive, new workouts are "unlocked" as you log time on the app.

iWOD Pro

This app is new to me.  I really haven't had time to fully explore what it has to offer.   But, right out of the shoot, I can tell that it could be the awesomest.  The first page opens up to give you the Workout of the Day ("WOD").  Other pages provide links to many of the named CrossFit workouts . . . like the Famous "Angie."  And, the best feature . . . a "How To" page links you to videos demonstrating the proper form for many common CrossFit exercises.  There is also a link to Paleo resources if you want to eat like a caveman.

Interval Timer

I use this app . . . well . . . for keeping time.  You can set up a timer that includes multiple rounds of multiple stations.  You can even build in rest time and travel time.  One thing that is nice with this particular timer is that you can use the timer even while you have music playing on your phone.

Crossfit Hero

 I've used this app a little but not a lot because I don't find it to be particularly easy to learn.  But, the app provides a calendar and a log where you can log your workouts and personal bests.  There are links to pre-packaged workouts, more timers, paleo recipes, and how-to videos.  I do really like the Tabata timer on this one.

Electric Miles

Electric miles is the iphone app version of Daily Mile, which I think is primarily for logging runs and other exercise (i.e., cow tipping).  I'm not very proficient with either because I am so incredibly fond of My Fitness Pal.  And, I don't need two forums for logging my exercise.  However, if you aren't interested in logging food and just want a social environment for besting your friends' workouts, this might be a better choice than My Fitness Pal.

Ok, so I'm off to get another shot in the spine today! Wish me luck.


PS- A good blogger (something that I do not profess to be but would like to be) uses a post to start a dialogue with readers. So, here are a few questions, and hope that you will leave a comment and answer them. Do it as a favor to me because I'm going to need something to do while I'm waiting for the big stick this morning.   

- Do you carry an iPhone or a typewriter in your purse?
- Do you use fitness apps?
- If so, what do you use? 
- How old do you think a child should be before they get their own iPhone/iPod touch?
We made Easy E wait until his seventh birthday before we gave him an iPod touch.  Drama got my mom's old iPhone (deactivated, of course) for Christmas when he was six.  The Tiny Princess, who is almost four, probably already has one.  I need to check her car.


  1. MFP is the best fitness app! Sure buy your kids phones, that way you can leave them home alone and they can just call if they need something ;)

  2. I use Nexercise -
    Get Motivated. Lose Weight. Earn Rewards.
    Keep track of any acticity that you do and earn points.There is a community and you can participate in "flash mobs" (people who do the same activity at the same time)

    I use Endomondo - another that offers rewards for working out. My main problem with this one is that it always loses my GPS signal. Links to

    And a new one I am trying is called SoFit, again because it earns me rewards. If I can't get a cookie for doing good, I can at least earn a $2 amazon card.

    1. Ronalee, I'm going to try this reply again. Thank you so much for the information. I am definitely going to check them out. I love the idea of getting rewards for working out. Especially, cold hard cash.