Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Pretty Darn Good Day & What I Ate Along the Way

I would love to write about any one of the many topics that have been floating around my head:  childhood obesity, the evils of Facebook, my dilapidated back and thutt, blogger/blogspot's conspiracy against me . . .

But, alas, it is 9:30 at night, and I'm just now finding time to sit down and write today's post. 

Life got in the way today.   So, this is going to be short and sweet.  A summary of yesterday, which it turns out was a pretty darn good day.

It says "today."  It should say "yesterday."  Today was just ok.

So, it started at 4:45 a.m.  Nothing unusual about that.  But, what was unusual was that I hadn't set my alarm because I wasn't planning on running.  I wanted to sleep in . . . until . . .  say 5:45.  Crazy, I know.  

That's not my clock.  That's not my table.  It was not that bright.

But, at 4:45, I was awake thinking about my aching back . . .

If you don't "get" this picture, well . . . we can never really be friends.
. . . and being thankful that I hadn't planned on running.   And, it could have been my torn disc that was bothering me or it could have been that there was a yard ape in my bed (a.k.a, The Tiny Princess) with her not so tiny feet in my back.  So, at 5:15, the Princess and I got up and ate breakfast. 

She had chocolate milk and cottage cheese.  I had half of a cold overnight oats (almond butter, yogurt, chia, oats, etc . . .).

By 7:00 we were ready to go for the day.  So, she and I headed to the hellified Walmart to buy groceries. 

But, funny thing . . . what I discovered is . . .  Walmart isn't so hellified at 7:00 a.m. on a Tuesday morning.  The shelves were stocked.  The crazies weren't up yet.  I was almost giddy. 

I even found a few items that I usually have to go all the way to Homeland for. 

If you like tacos, these are by far the best taco shells ever.  They are super thin and super light.  Lower carb than the rest.  Once again, thank you Wendy (as in Wendy of the Protein Balls fame and glory) for showing me the light and enabling me to once again enjoy tacos.

I also found this new zero-calorie, "non-artificial sweetener" that is made out of monk fruit:

My friend, Mary Kate, sent me a link to an article about this just last week.  You can read about it here if you are so inclined.  I'm going to play with it and read up on it some more.  Maybe I'll rave about it later.

I also found some imitation rum extract like what I found in mother-in-law's kitchen last weekend.  I'm pleased that I can now imitate her. 

Even the Tiny Princess scored a sweet find. 

We weren't in the store 2 minutes when she spotted a display of the new Dream Lites Pillow Pets.  Funny thing is that I was watching Ace Ventura with the kids back in early June, and the commercial for these damn things came on at every break in the movie.  And, every single time that it came on, the Tiny Princess's jaw would hit the floor and her eyes would be as big as saucers as she whispered, "Ooooooh, I want it momma."  After my second or third glass of wine during Ace Ventura, I attempted to order her one but I guess I never actually submitted my order.  She's been waiting for the "big brown truck" to deliver it.  And, I've been holding her off lying my tail off.

Well, wait no more, Tiny Princess.  The big brown truck messed up and delivered your unicorn to the hellified Walmart.  It's a real good thing that we were able to clear up the mistake.

Walmart works up my appetite . . . even on a good day.  So when we got home, I ate the last half of my cold overnight oats.  This time I smacked a big scoop of almond butter right down in the middle. 

And, I whipped up some coffee to try out the monk fruit sweetener.  Jury's still out. 

I might have actually done some real, paying work at that point.  It's hard to remember back two days.  But, at 12:00, it was time to head to the gym.  Bryson (our instructor) was back after taking a week off and decided to make us pay for his vacation:

Sound easy?  It wasn't.  It was the closest that I've come to throwing up.  However, I'm just not a puker.  Even so, forty-five minutes later, my heart was still racing.  Is that normal?  Probably not.  My heart is probably the next thing to go.

When I was finally able to think about eating, I scrambled some eggs and vegetables and rolled them up in a lavash.  A breakfast burrito for lunch . . . though it was actually about time for lunner.  I also had some cherries and some hummus with yellow peppers.  And, I caught up on my reading new obsession.

Half-way through my burrito, I realized something was missing.  So, I doused it with some liquid fire (a.k.a, Louisiana Hot Sauce). 

A few hours later, it was time to get ready for date night.  But first a snack:

Then, The Great and Powerful Oz and I headed out for a night on the town a two hour dinner at Cafe Alley.  I wanted to ask someone to take a picture of the two of us, but the place was packed.  And, Oz is barely cool with me taking pictures of the food on the table, let alone asking strangers to play paparazzi.

Oz ordered the Stuffed Poblano for our appetizer.  I had some concerns about what this would do to my tummy but I ate probably a third of it anyway.  And, whatever happened, it was worth it.

For the main course, I had the Cobb salad.  I didn't eat the cornbread, and I pushed most of the bacon and cheese off to the side.  I probably ate a teaspoon of that dressing.

I was saving myself for this:

Oz ordered the mac' n cheese with his meal.  He did it for me . . . because he loves me and knows that I would not, could not order it for myself.  So, we shared it.  Right down the middle.

And, then there was this:

Cafe Alley's peanut butter pie is freaking amazing.   I wasn't going to get dessert.  It took me twenty minutes to decide.  But, then I caved.  I don't regret that decision. 

And then, just as I was tucking myself in for a long winter's nap hot summer snooze, a pretty darn good day got even better.  Before turning out the light, I flipped through my flipboard to catch up on the blogs that I frequent but have been neglecting . . . and voila! 

The best news of the day:

Take that ya' hooker!

Good night,

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