Saturday, August 4, 2012

Birthday Shout Out . . . If I were in the Circus . . . and I need advice.

I'm celebrating again! Today is this girl's birthday:

Jill Falvey is 37!!!!

Happy Birthday to my oldest friend. By "oldest" I mean that Jill and I go way back . . .  I do have friends that are older.

We rode bikes together in the first grade. We nearly killed each other in the sixth grade. And, we were weirdly inseparable through high school.

Jill has hung with me through thick and thin . . . through my best behavior and my worst. We have celebrated thirty years of birthdays together . . . from KoolAid to Coke to beer to wine.

And, fifty years from now, we will be celebrating with Metamucil in our matching condos in Champion Station. (Jill, Elizabeth, and I already have our side-by-side units picked out.)

Happy birthday, old friend.  Feel better soon so that we can do some actual celebrating.

While the boys are at their grandparents in Kansas, they are going on fun and exciting adventures to places like Dodge City and the Dalton Gang Hideout.   I don't want the Tiny Princess to feel left out.  So, we've had our own special outings.  We've been out to dinner.  We've had pedicures.  We've gone golfing with Oz.  And, on Thursday, my mom and I took the Tiny Princess to the Barnum Bailey Circus In Dallas. 

What I discovered is that I love the circus more than my kids love the circus.  Except for the 3-minute tiger portion of the show, the Tiny Princess looked pretty much like this:

She was interested but not enthralled. 

However, I was enthralled.  Despite a complete lack of any circus related skill set, I really think I could be a circus performer. 

My perfect circus job would be a trapeze artist. 

However, I have not shown myself to be particularly graceful.  I imagine that if I were placed according to my natural aptitude, I would be given a job more along these lines:

Or possibly, here:

I think I better stick with my previously chosen profession.  

I will say that I was pretty proud of my food choices at the circus.  I was tempted by the giant corndogs, the Pizza Hut personal pan pizzas, the boxes of popcorn, and the Tiny Princess's pretzel with cheese.  But instead, I had this wrap filled grilled vegetables:

I also had shared a cup of fresh veggies and hummus with my mom.

On a complete tangent, I am seriously considering moving Crazy as a Mother from blogger to Wordpress.  I waste a lot of time because of Blogger's malfunctions, and time is money, my friends.  

To get to know wordpress, I'm going to start a new blog that is really just for my family and I. 

The Great and Powerful Oz . . . in his infinite wisdom . . . has said several times, "you spend all of this time blogging and its not even something that my parents can read."  I think what he means is that Crazy as a Mother is  not necessarily something they are interested in or anything that he would want them to read. 

While I welcome anyone and everyone to Crazy as a Mother, he's right to feel that way. 

Plus, my kids are hilarious.  They do awesome, crazy stuff all of the time.  But, these moments of hilarity are fleeting and will not be remembered unless they are captured.  Unfortunately, I'm not a scrap booker.  I can't even fill a baby book.  

My new "moen family blog" will allow me to share my kids' stories with my close friends and familiy (I don't expect anyone else to be interested).  As an added bonus, It will give me a chance to get to know wordpress so that I can decide whether to move Crazy as a Mother.

If you have experience with Wordpress please leave me a comment and tell me what you think.  I need advice.

So, until I get my new blog set up, you are going to hear a lot of this . . .

unless Elizabeth decides to take over for a bit.

Have a great weekend,


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