Monday, July 9, 2012

Why Small Town Races are Better

At 5:45 on Saturday morning, Elizabeth, Mary Kate, Emily, and I headed to Tishomingo for Stevy's Run.  

before the race

It was a first annual run held in memory of a young local girl, Stevy, who died from cancer last summer. For a first time event, they did a great job.  It wasn't huge, but they had a good showing from locals and out-of-towners.

Because I'm a nervous nelly, I made the girls leave a half hour too early, and we had to wait around for a while and enjoy the Tishomingo scenery.

I hadn't been to Tishomingo since visiting my camp boyfriend in eighth grade . . . whose step-father . . . incidentally . . .  was the minister at this very church.   

While we waited, Elizabeth geared up.

At 7:00, the 10K'ers, which included Elizabeth and Emily, gathered at the starting line.   Elizabeth was fully awake now and ready to roll.

Emily was ready to make faces.

Mary Kate and I were running the 5K instead and had to wait around for another 30 minutes.  A part of me really wanted to man-up and run the 10K, but the thutt doctor says that I should limit my runs to 2-3 miles until I get this hip/back issue worked out so I did the responsible thing and heeded the advice of medical personnel.

Speaking of medical personnel . . . while we waited for the 5K start, we watched a remote control ambulance attack unsuspecting toddlers.  

It was so super cute that I considered knocking the paramedic with the remote on the head and taking off with it.    But, then he flirted with me (the ambulance, not the paramedic) so I decided violence was not the answer.

I actually ran with my phone because my shuffle was filled with old, crappy music that I'm tired of and my phone had the new Let it Shine Soundtrack on it.  Ummmmm, yeah.  I would like to say that my kids bought it, but it was actually my idea.  I know, it's terrible.  Let me tell ya though, a playlist that includes Eminem, Beastie Boys, Pitbull, and Let it Shine is an interesting playlist indeed.

I also thought that, because I had my phone with me, I could take pictures along the run but didn't end up taking any . . . because I was too busy . . . running my heart out.  

That's right!  That's my name on the top of the list for the women in the 5K!   In case you can't read that tiny print . . .  and because I'm really excited about it . . . my time was 22:55 for an average pace of 7:23!  That was the fastest run that I've had in a long time.  And, I was too high on life afterward to even tell you if my thutt hurt.  A good, fast run can make everything better.

You know who else ran super fast?  Elizabeth! 

She was a total rockstar and ran the 10K in 48:26 for an average pace of 7:48.  That is a PR for her since her last 10K was 54 minutes.  For a few minutes, she was listed as being in first place for the women's overall.  We took the picture above to memorialize it. 

But, Elizabeth knew that there was a younger girl who finished in front of her.  She had a headband on that said

Since Elizabeth only has me as her coach, she knew right out of the gate that she wasn't going to beat that girl.   So, even though her name looked really nice on the top of the list, she righted the wrong and got the girl's name moved to first.  Atta girl. 

I'm very proud of my whole group.  We all placed and got ribbons.  Emily (a.k.a. "Emile" on her race registration form)  even placed in her age group for the men's division, which makes her a superior human by some standards.

I'm a disappointed that I somehow didn't get a picture of Mary Kate with her ribbon, but here's a picture of all  four of us sporting our post-race glow.  And, by "glow", I mean drenched in sweat because it was HOT and HUMID.

In sum, this was a great little race.  There was plenty of water along the route.  And, at the end, there was more water, orange slices, bananas, and cookies.  We even got a sermon.  It was obvious that there were a lot of people there that knew Stevy and were actually there to run in her memory.  It was sweet and sentimental. 

I've run big races in big cities and little races in minuscule towns.   I really think I enjoy the small Oklahoma races more.  And, it's not just because I have a chance of winning an award in the small runs and no chance in the big ones (which is absolutely true).  Rather, there is something really great about running through a charming little downtown and passing things like the Dairy Queen and the tractor store . . . and every now and then passing an actual tractor.

Not an actual Tish tractor


Happy Monday,


  1. Awesome recap! I agree it was a great small town race with some fabulous ladies! Enjoyed it :)

  2. Congrats to you all! Looks like it was a fun race!