Monday, July 16, 2012

Waxing, Wine, Sharts, Dancing Drama, and Dallas Friends . . . phew . . . what a weekend.

I didn't write a post on Friday.  It was a crazy day.  And, I felt like crapola. 

Thursday night, my girl friends and I got together for a "waxing party."  'A waxing, what????' you may ask.   Yes, it's absolutely as weird as it sounds.  We all get together at some one's house, drink wine, eat cream cheese, and take turns getting waxed in a back room.  

What can I say . . . we are multi-taskers.

Normally, the whole thing is over and done with by 9:00, but for some reason Thursday's waxing party got out of hand and went until 11:30.  I broke my new "No Cocktails on a Weekday" rule and had one too many glasses of wine (because wine makes waxing so much more tolerable).  And, then there was the cream cheese.  Basically, I treated my body like a trash can.

As a result, I had raging gut rot on Friday and bad case of the "wish-I-hadn't-of"s.  When I went to the gym for cross-training class at noon, I was really worried that there was going to be a sharting incident during the burpees.  Or maybe something even worse. 

Also on Friday's agenda was the Tiny Princess's dance performance . . . the culmination of  week of dance camp.   I promised her a Starbucks cake pop if she did a good job.  She is a performer, after all.

She didn't do so good.  We walked in that hot room with 150 parents with their "when-is-my-kid-going-to-dance-so-that-I-can-leave" faces, and the Tiny Princess had a tiny panic attack. 

The reward cake pop turned into a consolation cake pop. 

Friday was also MRI Friday.  My thutt is now thoroughly memorialized in pictures.  I will return to the doctor this Wednesday for further diagnosis and man-handling.  I will write an entire whoa is me post at that time.  I'm sure that you absolutely can't wait for that.  You should be really afraid that I'll show you my butt.

After dance recital, the workout, and the MRI . . . but, thankfully, no "incident" at the gym . . .  we loaded the kids into the car and headed to Dallas to spend the weekend with some good friends.  

Saturday morning, I woke up before everyone else and snuck out for a run to my new favorite soundtrack.  Running through my old Dallas neighborhood was awesome.   I had forgotten how hilly Lakewood is.   And, since I'm a vampire runner and unaccustomed to accessorizing in the light of day, I didn't realize that I ran the entire run with my sunglasses on my head rather than my eyes until I got back to the house.

While running, I cruised past the first house that Oz and I ever bought.  It looks exactly the same as it did when we fixed it up in 2001.   This is what I saw when I ran by this weekend:

The run was a perfect idea because when I got back, Christa was already up and breakfast was almost done.  Fruit and sausage balls!!!

It's no secret that  I LOVE all foods that come in a ball form.   In fact, this picture only depicts Round 1 of breakfast.  Round 2 included another 1.5 balls.  And, I also put down 3 cups of coffee.

Then, Christa and I abandoned the men folk with all six kids while we went for pedicures.   Oz didn't complain because my skanky feet needed it.   He hates my pterodactyl claw toenails. 

After the taming of the claws, we took the kids to Lakewood Country Club for some lunch and pool time.   Obviously, that little baby isn't mine.  She belongs to Christa.  And obviously, she is the cutest baby ever. 

Lunch was a California Cobb salad.  Unfortunately,  I didn't remember to take the picture until after I had eaten most of the good stuff on top.  Think blue cheese and capers.  No dressing needed.

After the pool, we went back to Christa and Ketric's house.  The kids had a nutritious and tantalizing dinner of hotdogs.  They were totally engrossed in watching Popeye during dinner, but, alas, no spinach was eaten here.

Christa's house is immaculate.  It's the craziest thing.   Never a toy in sight.   If that glass table was in my house, the top of it would always look like the kids had finger painted it with a candy bar.

Then the sitter arrived.  That's right . . . Christa actually found some poor, unassuming soul that was willing to watch six kids.  She'll probably never want to have kids now.

The grown-ups went to Dodi's on Greenville for some Cajun dinner.  I can't pass up a fried pickle.  Ever.  Pickles were meant to be fried . . . and then put in my belly.

That is the only cocktail that I had all weekend:  a Skinny Dixie.  I'm not even kidding.  I have turned a corner, folks.  After Thursday night, I'm implementing a new rule in addition to the "No Cocktails on Weekdays" rule.  I'm just not sure what the rule is yet.

The bread pudding at Dodi's sounded tempting, but then Christa had a better idea . . . 

. . . because she is a genius.  Having never been to Yogurtland, I was ecstatic to try it. 

Seriously?!?!  Nutter Butter yogurt?  I think I  audibly squealed in delight.  I don't mess around when it comes to frozen yogurt.  My toppings:  Reese's peanut butter cups and Butterfinger.  There are two spoons in my bowl.  One for each of my multiple personalities.

There were other goodies this weekend.   Christa made cupcakes from, and I might have had two or three. 

I wasn't alone in my gluttony.  They were delicious and perfectly moist. And, perfectly all over the Tiny Princess's teeth.

Sunday morning, Christa and I did this "hotel room workout" in the backyard. 

I can't believe that I didn't think to get a picture of that.  I'm sure that we were a real sight.

On our trip home yesterday, we took the long route . . . the road less travell\ed . . .  and saw this sign . . . which is why I will always feel just as "at home" in Texas as I do Oklahoma.

Finally, because I have to show you something healthy . . .  here is my dinner from last night. 

Grilled shrimp and veggie tacos, fat free beans, and corn on the cob.  Yes, I ate three tacos.  I was hungry.  Don't judge.   You can judge me for the waxing, the wine, the skinny dixie, the yogurt . . . but don't judge me for the tacos.  They were the only good food decisions I made this weekend.


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