Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Independence Day to You!

I did a lousy job taking photos of my food yesterday.   What that really means is that, with the exception of my yawn-inducing lunch

I wolfed down my food before I remembered to take photos. So there will be no 'What-I-Ate-Tuesday-on-Wednesday' today. And, since it's a holiday, I'm going to talk about fun things like birthday pancakes and cakeballs instead of the nutritional yeast that was on my salad.

So, the first thing we did this morning was sing "Happy Birthday" to America.

And then the Tiny Princess had some very happy birthday pancakes.

Before I ate my breakfast (a green monster smoothie), I did Bryson's WOD from yesterday.  I missed class because I had to go back to the thutt doctor. 
The WOD was (20) 1- minute rounds of:  5 burpees, 10 push-ups, and 15 lunges.   If my internal calculator is working correctly, I believe that amounts to: 100 burpees, 200 push-ups, and 300 lunges.  In twenty minutes.  With no rest.  This is what I looked like afterwards:

And then this:

Clearly, I have no problem sharing unflattering photos of myself.

The Tiny Princess has been excitedly anticipating the 4th of July for two reasons:

1:  Funfetti Cupcakes

2:  Fireworks

Last year we were under a burn ban, so there were no fireworks in the great state of Oklahoma.  The 4th of July was a big bust.  Further clouding up my holiday was the fact that one of my best friends had just moved to Hawaii on the first of July.  So while there weren't any fireworks, there was lots of waterworks.

At the time, I hadn't given up made a death pact with sugar so we should have been celebrating the presence of sugar in our lives.  Since we didn't, I think we must celebrate it's memory now. 

Calling a holiday moratorium on the sugar freeze, I decided to make Independence Day cake balls this morning.  Check out how festive they are:

I was going to provide a "How To" on cake-balling, but everything I learned about cake-balling was from this lady (and she does it a whole lot better than I do).  Elizabeth and I actually have plans to take a cake ball class in Plano this summer.  We bought a coupon on Groupon for a class for two.  So, by Christmas, our cakeballs are going to be perfection.

Because I love my kids, I made a few cupcakes when I was making my cakeballs this morning. 

For some irrational and unsubstantiated reason, my two youngest children like cupcakes more than they like cakeballs.  I tell myself that their taste buds aren't finely tuned at the ages of 3 and 7. They just don't know yet where the money is.

But, apparently by the ripe old age of 8, they are starting to figure it all out.

I hope you have a great holiday.  We are taking the kids to the pool.  Later tonight, we are going to eat barbeque and cakeballs and watch some stellar fireworks.  It shouldn't be too crazy. 

Talk at you Friday,


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  1. funfetti!!! cake balls!! I am very jealous :) yummy! Love your post workout face!