Friday, July 27, 2012

Birthday Shout Out and Check Out My Wicked Cool Socks

I am CELEBRATING today!  It is one of my very best friend's birthdays.

Happy birthday to the sweetest, most generous, funniest, most encouraging running buddy, and most determined (now that a certain male coach is guiding our efforts instead of little ol' me) Team Shortstacker that I know.  Though she thinks she's getting old, I have six laps around the sun on her. She's still just a pup.

Emily says she is taking this one hard, and to her I say, this is as good as it gets. Just wait a few more years when every part of you starts breaking down.

At thirty-seven, my teeth are falling out and my thutt and spine are all jacked-up.

I still haven't written about my medical problems. I'm in some sort of severe denial. 

And, I don't want to be one of those annoying people who goes on and on about their ailments. You know what I'm talking about.  Those people who check in on Facebook as being at home in terrible pain.

I like these someecards just a little too much.

As part of my physical retail therapy, I bought some compression socks, and I really believe that they are going to cure all that ails me.

 As a runner, I've seen and heard about compression socks for years, but until recently I really thought they were just a weird fashion statement. Then, Bryson, our cross-training instructor, encouraged us to get some tall socks to protect our shins while we are doing deadlifts.  Our class is dangerous.  Just look at this skinned knee, which I got from doing 150 modified burpee push-ups on Wednesday.

I decided to go ahead and get compression socks from rather than just knee highs since had a coupon code on her website for a 30% discount. 

The idea behind compression socks is that they squeeze your legs, which improves circulation and aids in muscle fatigue and recovery after long runs.

Even though I'm limiting my runs to 3-4 miles while I get my physical kinks worked out, I figure that compression socks might help with my thutt problems. Probably not. What I really need is a compression body suit.

Preferably one with gadgets, like this one.

On the day that the skinnyrunner coupon was to expire, I started an online order but then got distracted before I could finish it. The next day, I got an email from a nice man at asking if I need assistance to finish my order.

My first thought was 'stalker!' because I hate it when Pottery Barn and Amazon email me about something I've been looking at on their sites. But, I emailed him right back and said that my coupon code had expired but I would be back. Guess what?!? He sent me a 40% off coupon.  Now that is some customer service!

I jumped on it and ordered three pairs for myself and two of my running buddies. I put them on as soon as I opened up the package.

I haven't run in them because 1) it's a 101 degrees outside and 2) you don't need compression socks to run 3 miles. But, I have worn them around the house a lot.  I even wore them yesterday while we drove six hours to Kansas.

I'm looking super cool and stylish. Or, more likely, just crazy.  The Great and Powerful Oz would say "crazy." 

Even at 40% off, they sent me two.  One for my right foot:

And, one for my left foot:

I also bought 4 pairs of these shorter socks one weekend when the company was having a 50% off sale. 

Buy them here

I HAVE been running in these regularly, and I love them.  So, my advice to all my running buddies is run right out and buy yourself some of these super cool socks.  You won't be disappointed.  

I would really love a black pair and a white pair of the taller socks.  So, I'm stalking their FB page until they announce another sale.   You should too!  Like them HERE

Well that's two posts in two days.  Oz is going to beat me with a rubber hose.  Have a great weekend.


P.S. - This is not a paid advertisement.  No one pays for my opinions on anything.


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  1. Thank you so much for the birthday shout out!!! Made my day! Love the socks! Can't wait till we are all rocking them at the same time!