Monday, May 7, 2012

I've been a good girl. . . .now where is my treat?

I like goals-- teeny-tiny, attainable, short-term goals.. . . and I love rewards.

While money is a valid reward . . . and I've been known to reward myself with a lululemon purchase . . . mainly, I reward myself with something more along these lines. 

Snickerdoodle bars

But, is rewarding yourself with food a good idea? 

When I've been compared to a female dog in the past, I have vehemently disagreed . . . but it's true . . . I do reward myself with food.  Woof Woof.

But, before you can reward yourself,  you need a goal . . . a milestone . . . a challenge.  And, after the no-fructose challenge, I have struggled to find a new goal.  I have continued to keep my fructose at pretty low levels 85% of the time, but I've found myself actually missing having that challenge in my life.

Then, I saw this on pinterest.

I liked the idea.  But as with all crafts, recipes, workouts, the idea needed a little tweaking.  We needed to give it the usual Crazy as a Mother bastardization.  
Obviously the dollar per workout system would not work.  They only cost like $0.50.  So, I would earn a package of Reese's cup every day.    

If you are eating a package of Reese's cups every single day, then you aren't eating healthily. 

So, then I thought about allocating the worth of a certain treat vs. the cost of it.  

For example, the cost of this stack of oreos is  probably around the same as the reese's cups.

But, it's worth so much more, right? 

But then I had to start deciding the worth of my desserts.  That's tough. How much are those oreos really worth? 

Are they worth more than this bowl of pb fro-yo with butterfinger?

This involves too much thought.  
So, the other morning as Jmo and I were doing a classic driveway workout, we brainstormed about this.. . and  specifically how and when we can earn the right to stuff our faces into this bad boy. 

Google images failed me on this one. . this is not nearly as decadent as the one I'm going to eat. 

We decided the easiest way to do this was a penny per minute equation.   So, if the above waffle with froyo costs $8.00, we will be shoveling it in after 800 short minutes of blood, sweat, and tears. 

I've even started keeping track on my handy dandy spendlite app on my phone.

This seems fair, right?. . and easy.   Until, I sat down to write this post and realized that the there are a lot of cheap desserts out there. Again, I could feasibly earn  a package of Reese's cups per day.  
What's the easiest solution?   After thinking about it for hours 30 seconds, I made an executive decison to set a $3.00 minimum.  That cheap package of butter, peanut butter, and sugar will cost me 300 minutes of hard-core calorie burning.  Or, I can hold out 800 minutes for that froyo waffle concoction.  I think that is reasonable.  

And, since I really do like a monetary (aka clothing) reward as well, I'm thinking I'll double up my incentive program. 

I've had my eye on these shorts from lululemon.

While I do love them,  I am NOT doing 5400 minutes of burpees for them, so I was going to revert to the original equation of $1/workout.  That's 54 days though . . . and if you know lulu like I know lulu, you  know that if you see something you want  you cannot wait 54 days.  It will not be there any more.  

So, this equation needs some tweaking as well.  I'm going with a $2/workout payday.   This is still risky - as 27 days is a real gamble with a lulu purchase.  But if those shorts are gone in 27 days (well prob more like 33 days-- a girl's gotta rest), there will be something else in it's place that I want just as badly. 

So, there you have it - two CAAM incentive plans.   Choose your reward and start today!


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