Thursday, April 19, 2012

What I ate Wednesday-late again

Sorry I've been MIA. Did you think I was trapped under a rock? If only I could be so lucky. The way I've been running around lately, being trapped under a rock doesn't sound half bad. I'd take a nap and relax.  I bet I could talk JMo into propping up my ipad for me so that I could read the new juicy book our pal Em suggested.

Unfortunately, not trapped under a rock.  Whilst living it up in Beavers Bend, the old homestead got struck by lightning. . what are the odds?
Apparently, odds are pretty damn good.  According to the geeks smarties over at the National Lightning Safety Institute, 1 in 200  houses will be struck this year. . Who knew?

It took out our fridge, 2 tvs, an A/C unit, an ipod docking station, and horror of all horrors. . . our coffee pot.  I was dragging myself from of the clutches of a Easter sugar coma and awoke to  no coffee.  Not a pretty sight.

Since EZ Go Joe isn't as good at taking pics as the Great OZ, I had to do a google search for "no coffee"  These two images were right next to each other.  
I still have absolutely no clue why this picture would show up  on a search for "no coffee" But it seems Google is even smarter than I thought, looks eerily similar me that fateful morning. 

Unfortunately my week did not get much better from there, but I won't bore you with the details.

So, let's get down to the good stuff.  What did I eat today?


Oatmeal with unsweetened cocoa, almond butter and stevia.and a splash of  almond milk.  Tastes like those no-bake cookies.  A photographer I am not. . don't judge it based on the picture, it's money.  (and I've found with many failed pinterest projects. . sometimes the pictures are much better than the recipe)  


Egg salad sandwich(a couple egg yolks, a ton of egg whites, celery, mustard, mayo, red wine vinegar, S & P)
Whole wheat pita, some 34 degree crackers and roasted broccoli.


Baked chicken(sub-par), eggplant slices dipped in Sriracha egg wash and breaded in panko(delicious--kind of like fried green tomato. . only not fried. . and not a tomato) , and sauteed swiss chard(from EZgo Joe's organic garden), with eggplant, ham, onion and topped with a little feta.(swiss chard tutorial to follow)

Now. . people have continued to ask us how we are doing. Honestly, pretty well.  But I do have a little confesstion. After Easter, I went all week with no added sugars and it wasn't a problem.  But on Saturday, Ramsey had a birthday party for his sweet friend Sydney.  Sydney's mom and Nana are both GREAT bakers and I knew that they would not be ringing in Sydney's 7th year with a Walmart cake.  So, in anticipation I got up and ran 10 miles. Good thing I did. 

Here is my little slice chunk of heaven: 

And heaven it was.  I actually took it home, chilled a glass of milk in the freezer, put the kids down for a nap, and ate it all by myself. ( I did let EZgo Joe have a bite or two) 

So. . in conclusion, first week back. . . I nailed it. .. then I failed it. 


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