Friday, April 13, 2012

Well, my middle name isn't 'Grace'

For my Friday "Sidelining the Sweet Talk" post, I had planned on finishing a post that I started on the positive aspects of running and the value of setting personal goals.


But then, I went out yesterday morning with the hopes of getting in a quick four mile run.  I wanted to get home before my kids were up because it was Drama's seventh birthday.  I had wrapped his doorway with crepe paper and wanted to be home to see him bust through it Hulk-style

As I thundered along the pavement pondering how to express in words the wonder of the runner's high and the cardiovascular benefits of anaerobic heart rates, something happened that caused me to reverse my train of thought and write about the hazards of running instead.   It was a sign. 

Literally.  I was struck by this sign.

Or rather, it was me that struck the sign.  Technicalities.  The result is that  . . . eight stitches and a co-pay later . . .  I look like this:

Awesome isn't it?

Jessie and I were cutting across a small parking lot in front of the shopping center.  She was telling me a story, and I'm sure I was watching the uneven ground rather than looking in front of my face.  And, that's when my forehead met this steel bar.    

In case you missed it, here it is again.

It laid me out on the pavement.  I don't know how it looked.  But, I ended up flipped around backward - facing the opposite direction  - when I hit the ground. 

Jessie told me that it sounded like a gong.


That's right.  My forehead hitting the steel bar sounded like a gong.  I heard it, but then the world went dark.  I remember laying on the ground and thinking 'Something bad just happened.  I'm not sure what but it was bad.  And, why are church bells ringing?'   

I think I was  back up on my feet relatively quickly.  Or maybe I got up and staggered a little.  I told Jessie, "I think I'm going to need to walk for a minute."   She laughed at me.  

Of all the nerve.  She laughed at me and told me that I wasn't going anywhere.  I said, "Why?  Am I bleeding?"  Then I looked down at my shirt . . . my favorite shirt was splattered in blood. 

And, my shoes . . . my  precious, fast shoes . . . were also soiled.

I left DNA all over the pavement on the way back to our favorite potty stop where we called for help.  

I've got to say that Jessie was great in a crisis.  You don't get any more level-headed than this girl.

This is her.  No crisis.

She took great care of me.  She convinced me that it wasn't a good idea to walk home or drive myself to the hospital.  And, she called my mom.

When you are 37 years old and have a husband and three kids at home . . . and one of them is having a birthday . . . and your in laws are in town for the birthday . . . and  you  have a concussion . . . you don't call home.  You call your mom because she will take care of you and because its the least disruptive to the crew at home. 

You also call your mom because she will document the trip to the ER with photos.

I really wish we had gotten a picture of the gaping wound while it was open and gushing blood.  But, I wasn't thinking straight.  I did get this great horror movie type photo.

Not a severed arm
The nurse told me that I had crazy concussion eyes.

This isn't me but I imagine that I looked
something like this.
Now, there are some downsides to running your head into a pole.  For one thing, it hurts.  Its really too bad that I didn't knock my teeth out and fixed that problem once and for all.

For another, its inevitable that you will be the butt of a few jokes.

And, this little funny was from my
father-in-law who loves me . . .

Also, a hello kitty bandaid isn't the first accessory you want to put with a little black dress if you have a fancy pants dinner to go on Saturday night like I do. 

But, its not all bad.  There are benefits.  For one thing, you get a lot of attention and sympathy, which I love, of course.   And if you have great friends like mine, you even get a few "hit and run" presents. 

I got some awesome goodies from my running buddies, Jessie, Emily, and Tara. 

Another benefit?  When you have spent the day seeing stars, its pretty easy to justify a Reese's peanut butter egg and some peachie O's.  In fact, I'm pretty sure that I heard medical personnel tell me yesterday that two peanut butter eggs and half a dozen peachie-o's are actually necessary for a full recovery.

Also, I know that if this post makes very little sense and includes typos, you will overlook it . . . because . . . I mean, geez, I have a concussion, and I've been seeing stars all day.  So forgive me if I don't even proofread this.

I hope you have a great weekend!  I am going to go for a run on Saturday morning.  Get back on that horse and ride it, I say.  However, I am going to try to not run my face into anything else.  And, I think I'll run with my phone in case there is another emergency photo op.



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