Sunday, April 8, 2012

We may have over done it . . . Just a bit.

After forty days of no or very limited/controlled sugar, we were ready to have a treat. 

Just one little treat.   Or maybe two.

We thought and thought and decided on Chocolate Chip Oreo Surprises. 

Lent officially ended on Passover Friday, and we had held strong for one more day.  But, we didn't really feel like we had to wait until midnight on Saturday to indulge without breaking Lent.  Because it was over.  So about 7:00 p.m., I started mixing the cookie dough.

Wet ingredients in one bowl.  Dry ingredients in another.  In go the chocolate chips.   On to a cookie sheet.  I was so excited that I couldn't even think in complete sentences.  Or, even now, write in complete sentences, apparently.

We still needed to eat dinner, so I had to wait for a while before putting them in the oven.

Finally, we were ready to bake.

And then, just 12 minutes later, they were done!

Awesome Jeff documented this monumental moment in pictures because words couldn't do it justice:

the anticipation

the first bite
the joy

the rapture

And, an hour later or so, Elizabeth had an idea that gave her goosebumps.

Based loosely on something she had seen on Pinterest,
we made campfire cookie dough cones.

Sugar cone.  Peter Pan Honey Roasted Peanut Butter.  Chocolate chips.  And, then fill 'er up with left over chocolate chip cookie dough.

Roll in foil and place on campfire coals (not depicted).  They were very good.  Elizabeth said they were so good they might get us on the Today Show.   Unfortunately, it was dark around the campfire and we gobbled them up without documenting their magnificence. 

But they were delicious.  You'll just have to take our word for it.  The cookie dough was still just the perfect amount of raw.  The peanut butter and chocolate chips were oozy goodness.

(If you are inclined and short a campfire, I think they would be just as good in the oven.) 

And, here it is:

the aftermath

The cookie pooch.  Inside that gut is the equivalent of 1.5 Oreos, 4 chocolate chip cookies, 3 tablespoons of peanut butter and honey, and a sugar cone.

Of course, we felt sick afterward.  Sick, sick, sick.  But satisfied.

And, it was just enough.   I feel no desire whatsoever to eat a cookie today.

Happy Easter,


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