Thursday, April 19, 2012

Things I could have run into today. And, FroYo Meltdown.

Today, I ran for the first time since the pole incident. A week long break was mandated by Jessie, my doctor, and, most, importantly, the Great and Powerful Oz.

The stitches are out, and I'm now sporting these awesome less than awesome steri-strips.

I hate them.  

Elizabeth told me that the stitches made me look like a badass - like I may have gotten into a bar room brawl.

However, the steri-strips just make me look like had something weird cut off my forehead.

As for my recovery, I'm doing well. I had one set back a few nights ago when Jeff and I both moved in for a good night smooch at the same time and bumped foreheads. It hurt so bad that I may have crapped my pants and forgotten my name for about 20 minutes. Ok, I didn't really crap my pants. If I had, I might not willingly admit it. Well, ok, I might.  

I did cry though, and that's something because I don't believe in crying.  Crying is for sissies.



And babies. 

So, I wasn't going to cry this morning . . . even though I was a little nervous about running again.   

I'm still just not totally myself.  I'm operational but I seem to have a few synapses that aren't firing.  My short term memory is failing me, and I really think I may have knocked myself stupid.    But since I don't need to "remember" how to run and I had doctor's clearance , I knew I needed to get out there and "just do it."   Here I am getting my game face on before the run:

I didn't really run in the helmet.

For today's run, Allison and Elizabeth joined me.   Allison showed up even though I stood her up at 5:15 this morning because I forgot to set my alarm.  This is what I mean by "not being  myself."  I never forget to set my alarm.  NEVER.  Ask team shortstack.  They will tell you. 

And, I felt so bad about it that I let her bring that dog of hers again.

We went exactly 4 miles  and averaged  a 8.5 min/mile pace.  This is a little slower than our norm, but it was a good run after an entire week off.   And, thankfully, it was an unventful run.

  Here are a few things that I didn't run into today:

This sign looks remarkably like something I could run into

This basketball stuck out in the street a little

Though large, this trash dumpster blends in with its surroundings
The mirrors ears on this truck protrude into my
personal space
Now, I have a confession.  A real life confession. 

I have been so good all week.  Sticking to my guns.  Not giving into the oreos that are hidden in my cabinet and have been calling, "Jennnnnnni, just one a dozen won't hurt." I've even been putting off the sugar-less cookie experiments that I have brewing in my head until the weekend. 

But, I went off the reservation this afternoon.  You see, I'm a FroYo addict.  Or, I used to be. 

The Great and Powerful Oz said that the bulk of my weekly allowance last summer was spent at Pink Swirls.   (Yes, I have an allowance . . . I can't be trusted with finances.) 

And then, as an act that could only be interpreted as an act against me personally, the store removed Peanut Butter from the yogurt line-up last October. 

When I asked the PS employees about this ridiculous decision, they said that it wouldn't be back "until after the Holidays."  I spat twice on their floor, declared both the store and its employees dead to me, and marched out.  I haven't been back since.  But, that doesn't mean that I haven't been stalking them on FB.    

And, finally, the good news came today:

And, further good news:

It's hard for me  us to turn down Peanut Butter FroYo . . . but FREE peanut butter FroYo . . . come on!  So, we decided to make a party of it, and that makes it a "special occasion" . . . thus, justifying the whole thing. 

Look at those happy faces

Here's the party that we were trying to ignore
There is our confession.  We are only human. The upside is that our kids don't need dinner now.  But, I have to admit that when I talk about trying to be sugar-free and then cave and eat frozen yogurt, I kind of feel like one of these:

Forgive us.  We would forgive you.  Promise.


PS:  We have a nickname for our workout group ("Team Shortstack"), and we need a nickname for our running crew.  I have pondered this but haven't come up with anything that I like.  Here's the group: 

Emily, Elizabeth, Allison, me, Tara, Jill, and Jessie
[Now, Jill is not a runner and does not like to be confused with
anyone who runs, but she is a Shortstacker]

I'm taking suggestions for a nickname for our group.  If you have a suggestion, please leave a comment.  If yours gets picked, I've got a PinkSwirl giftcard with your name on it. 


  1. "8.5/mile, slower than our normal pace" oh poo ...I've been trying to think of a name for our group and can really only come up with the idiots who get up insanely early. Not a good one.

    1. I know you've been doing speed work. You can do 8.5 min/mile in your sleep now. Though, from personal experience, I suggest running with your eyes open and chin up.

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