Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Products We Love (Part 1): L❤vash Bread

On what seemed like just an ordinary day . . . just another trip to Walmart for groceries . . . Elizabeth discovered and broughteth hometh this little miracle:


While we are really excited to introduce you to our new friend, we are also a little nervous too.  Our fear is that our five loyal readers are going to run straight over to our local Walmart, and then we will never be able to find Lavash bread again. Because that's how our shit-bag Walmart operates.

Look at the line already forming for Lavash

The more we like an item, the less likely that our store will continue to carry it.

So, what's so special about Lavash bread?  Well . . . . you know that Elizabeth and I fully admit and take responsibility for being carb-o-holics.  However, thanks to Lavash we no longer need to seek treatment.   

A generous serving of Lavash (1/2 of a piece of flatbread) includes only 7g of carbohydrates of which 3g are dietary fiber.

And, the good news doesn't stop there because not only is Lavash Bread low carb, it is also low calorie (at only 50 calories per serving).   That means that you could eat a whole piece of Lavash (if you were so inclined) and still only be guilty for 100 calories.

But, most importantly . . . drum roll please . . . a serving of Lavash contains 0 grams of sugar, which means that we don't even have to go through the pain of determining fructos-i-city according to "the rules" that we use.

So how can we use lavash?   Let us count the ways.  

It is soft and roll-able, which makes it perfect for a wrap:


The Daily Dish would have you roll it around some beans and rice and make a burrito.

Baked in the oven, it crisps up, and becomes a perfect hummus delivery mechanism:

And . . . hold the phone . . . because it also makes a great pizza crust.


I made a pizza using Lavash just last week.  So, here's how to do it Crazy-as-a-Mother style.

Chicken and Veggie Pizza on Lavash

chicken breast (diced)
yellow and red peppers
any other desired veggies
olive oil
dried sweet basil
1.  Bake your lavash on a cookie sheet at 350 degrees for about 10 minutes.  Just until it gets a little browner and crisp.

 2.  In some form or fashion, cook up some chicken.  I cut some serious corners here and threw some fully cooked canned chicken into a skillet and warmed/browned it. 

The Great and Powerful Oz will have a heart-attack reading this because he thinks that chicken in a can is "objectively disgusting". 


But, he did, in fact, unknowingly eat chicken from a can for this meal.

3.  Wilt some spinach by sauting it in some Pam on medium.  Hint:  It takes a lot of spinach to cover a pizza.


4. In another pan (or in the same if you are lazy or short pans), saute your veggies to soften them a little.

5.  While your veggies are cooking, mix up some home made pesto.  Or just get out a jar of it.  That will work too. 

If you don't have a jar, pesto is easy:  2 T olive oil, sprinkle of dried or fresh sweet basil and parsley, salt, garlic powder, and a touch of parmesan.

6.  Take your crispy lavash out of the oven.  Evenly spread out your veggies and wilted spinach.  Evenly distribute the chicken on top of the veggies.

7.  Sprinkle Feta and parmesan over the pizza toppings and bake in the oven for 10 more minutes. 

8.   Cut into strips and enjoy.

Now that we've filled you in on our little Lavash secret, we have to run right over to Walmart and stock up before you beat us to it.  

Bon Appetit,

Jenni and Elizabeth


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