Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Bugs Need Lovin' Too and What-I-ate-Tuesday-on-Wednesday

Spring is in the air.  Its getting warmer, and everyone is complaining about their sinus problems.  


One thing that I have noticed is what seems to be an abundance of bugs this spring.  It seems like there are way too many dead June bugs on my porch for April.   

I can't even sit out there and have a cocktail after dark because they go on the attack.   I spill too much of my wine while swatting at the June bugs.  And, its not relaxing when I'm screaming and jumping around because they are in my hair and down my shirt.

The house isn't safe either.  The scorpions have been marching through.  And, a few days ago, a brown recluse decided to take up residence in my kitchen.  Bad decision for him because he's dead now.

Now, you know (The Great Oz and Elizabeth especially know) that spring has me in a state of bug loving. 

But, I'm not the only one.  Something that I have been privy to a lot lately . . .  is real bug loving:  
Everywhere I turn, there they are . . .  procreating and recreating on my windows.   Warning:  you are about to be subjected to bug porn.

front window of my car

front window of my house
And, of course, I take pictures of bug porn whenever I can find it . . . well,  because I take pictures of EVERYTHING.  I sent this picture to the Great and Powerful Oz at work, and his response was "bugs need love too."  Indeed.  Indeed, they do. 

And, in just 24 hours, we will have a maggot infestation somewhere on our property.  Three to six days after that we will have a full-on baby fly infestation.  And, just two more days later those teenage flies will be looking for some lovin' of their own.  The only good news is that 21 days later this round of flies will all be dead because that's all the time that a fly gets.  Lesson to be learned: 

If you are a fly, time is of the essence,
and you really need to make it count.  Now, you know more than you ever wanted to know about the house fly.  You're welcome.

So, let's talk about yesterday.


Tuesday was a run day. We met at Jessie's house at 5:15 a.m. and ran 5 miles at an 8.5 min/mile pace. I know that is a very respectable pace, but I'm a little down on my self because that is about half a minute slower than what I have been running.

But, I just haven't been running as well since the accident. It seems that, in addition to knocking myself stupid, I also knocked the fast out of me.

Fast or not, this weekend is Germanfest in Muenster, TX, and I'm super excited about it.

But I'm a little nervous because I went ahead and registered for the 15K even though it's a hilly course and I'm not running my best. To make matters worse, the race starts at noon, which means it may be really hot. And sunny.

 And I'm a vampire runner.

I'm going to have to go into with the attitude that I'm just going to enjoy it and not worrying about any kind of PRing. For entering, you get into the festival for free and two beer tickets.

That right there is reason enough to run. The other reasons are Elizabeth, Jessie, and Allison who will be there too. And the Great and Powerful Oz who will be a super fan.

So, now for what I ate on Tuesday:


My breakfast was pretty Ho-hum. It has been six days since I bought groceries, and we are hurting for food.

I had a four-egg white omelet with shredded colby jack and my standard half of an English muffin and cashew butter. I also found some strawberries that were still edible.

Here is what I did not eat (but suffered through the torture of making for the Tiny Princesses' class because she was snack leader at school):

Tiny blueberry muffins with cream cheese icing


For lunch, I had a turkey wrap on a Joseph's pita with reduced-fat colby jack, guacamole, and a little mixed greens.  The Joseph's pita is a close cousin of the Joseph's Lavash Bread that we were loving all over yesterday.

I also had some red pepper hummus and celery. Though halfway through the celery I decided that it was rotten, and I switched to 34 degrees crackers.

Oh, and I stole two slices of summer sausage from Easy-E (his pick at the store last week). I also tried this new "spicy water" that I found at Homeland.

The name Seagrams makes me feel like I was enjoying a refreshing cocktail . . .  while I worked.

Afternoon Snack:

Popcorn. As if there is anything else.


Was delicious. I baked a pre-marinated pork loin.  It was roasted red pepper flavored, which matches the flavoring of my hummus.  It's nice when the products in your fridge are matchy matchy. 

I also made this Butternut Squash Quinoa that I found at

It may not look all that appetizing, but it was really good.  Cross my heart.  I knew when I read the recipe that mixing my second favorite vegetable (butternut squash) with my very favorite processed cheese (Laughing Cow Swiss) was going to be a winner.

I still needed a little something after dinner so I ate one three of these mediocre cookies that we're left over from Saturday night's experiment-gone-awry.   It's not good enough for you yet, but it's good enough for me on a Tuesday night.

And, that's all she wrote folks.  Looking at what I ate is about as exciting as looking at the bug pictures, isn't it?

Have a great Wednesday,


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