Sunday, April 1, 2012

Birthday Fight Club

Friday evening started innocently enough - a gathering of my running buddies and Team Shortstack to continue the celebration of my birthday.

Emily, Elizabeth, Allison, Me, Tara, Jill, and Jessie
We had a fantastic dinner at the soon to be extinct Jake's Place.

We were one of only three tables in the place . . . which is the primary reason they will soon be out of business.


I had the surf and turf - a crab cake and a small filet. And it was fantastic. In fact, the food was so good that I couldn't be stopped to take a picture. I could only think of diving head first into my plate. But it's a steak and a crab cake, it looked a little like this:

Not my actual dinner

Even though we raised the noise level a few decibels with all of our female chirping, we were reasonably well-behaved.

We ate. We drank.  We ooh'd and ahh'd over Tara's light-up lipstick.

And her baby bump.

After dinner, we went back to Elizabeth and EZ-Go Joe's place for "dessert."

Elizabeth made a fructose free peanut butter cookie
and two kinds of fructose free coconut ice cream.
There were also sugar-laden desserts for the mainstreamers.

Here I am enjoying my fructose free cookies.

And then, all dignified restraint was thrown out the window . . . because my birthday party turned into birthday fight club.

The blow-throwing started because we were discussing a local woman who was jumped in the Wal-mart parking lot this week as she was getting her child in or out of the car. Luckily, this woman was able to throw enough elbows and make enough noise that she brought attention to herself and her assailant fled the scene.

Now, Elizabeth and I generally think of ourselves as total bad asses.

That's right. two bad asses, right here.
Our husbands, however, are of the opinion that any man could snap us like toothpicks.

After a little posturing on both our parts, I told Awesome Jeff, "Let's go then." I basically begged him to jump me to see if I could fight him off.

Unfortunately, this turn of events took every one by surprise and nobody was quick enough to grab a camera. However, I did get some action shots of Elizabeth going through the same exercise with both Awesome Jeff and EZ-Go Joe.

I don't know what I sounded/looked like but Elizabeth was all knees and elbows and a lot of girlie shrieking.

Blurry, yes.  But, this picture is hilarious because
of the look on Tara's face.
On my first attempt, I did manage to slip away from Awesome Jeff.   He said I did not fight fair but I think all is fair when you are simulating a Walmart assault. He also said my sweater was slick and helped me to get away but did finally admit that I was scrappier than he expected.   Nevertheless, Elizabeth and I agreed that we probably should take a self defense class. 

What I learned, however, is that 37 years old is too old to be rolling around on a slate kitchen floor. When I woke up Saturday, I thought that my neck and back were broken. I'm not sure I'll ever be the same.

After I pulled my broken body out of bed, Awesome Jeff and I went to Tulsa to hangout with Kysa (my best friend from college) and her husband and to go to the largest gun show in the world - and I'm not talking about my biceps.

Yeah, that's not me. That's our beloved Kelly Ripa.
But some day, folks.  Some day.

Saturday night, we went to dinner at a restaurant called The Bistro. I had a cheese burger smothered in mushrooms, caramelized onions, and bell peppers. My side was sweet potato fries. I seem to be eating this combination a lot lately, but I like it a lot.

There is a beef patty underneath that pile of veggies.

The food and the friends were a grand finale to my birthday weekend. 

I couldn't resist including this picture-of-a-picture
of Kysa and I.

I'm giving up the birthday celebrating until next year, but not before I give you a look at the rest of my birthday swag.

A "Crazy as a Mother" tank top!!!
I really have the greatest friends.  I love them.  All of them. 


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