Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Best Running Accessory Ever and I Showed That Pole Who's Boss

Do you remember Allison? My running partner who also is not immune to running mishaps.

Well she would have been with me last week when I had my little accident had she not been in St. Thomas soaking up the sun and drinking tiki drinks.

I guess she felt bad for not being there in my time of need . . . because, today, she returned and gave me the BEST RUNNING ACCESSORY . . . EVER.

And I went back to the scene of the crime to show that metal bar who is boss.

If we should ever meet again, I will be prepared.


Update: The Great and Powerful Oz has informed me that I'm wearing the hat backwards. Can you believe that I am a civil engineer and I don't know how to wear a hard hat?!? Believe it, folks. I gave up civil engineering because I didn't think a hard hat would look good with my acrylic nails.

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