Thursday, April 26, 2012

Bamboozled by Kid Food

Have you ever been bamboozled by your kid's food? 

I had a huge serving of popcorn at 4:00 as a snack.  So, I decided that I would have a sensible  salad for dinner. Maybe something like this:

But, then I made this for my kids:

And while I was making their plates, that innocent looking sandwich threw it's Mack-a-Flama-Rama on me and made my head whirl.

I knew that if I didn't make one for myself I was just going to end up eating their cold, soggy left-overs, which is nasty.  So instead of a salad, I made this for Oz-some Jeff and I:

A grown-up grilled cheese with turkey and avocado. I used butter on that bread and two slices of Kraft deluxe cheese so it's definitely not low fat. But at just 3.2 grams, it is low sugar.

And I made a side salad to make myself feel better about it.

You know what? It was totally worth the calories, and I'm going to tell myself that it's a wash since I ran today.

In retrospect, I wish I had used laughing cow cheese because everything is better with a laughing cow. 
Go ahead.  Make your self one.


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