Tuesday, March 13, 2012

What the kale?

Week after week, I schlep to Wal-mart. I head there straight after the gym. . .stinky, sweaty, and on occasion with my pants on inside out.  I do try to make it a habit to wear pants though.  

Don't worry. . . she is  wearing pants.   

I fully expect that at some point I will end up on http://www.peopleofwalmart./ but I don't reallly care.  When I go straight from the gym, I get to go alone. When you have a gazillion  kids like I do, you take time alone where and when you can get it.  So, the people of walmart are my people.   

So, the last few trips to the grocery store, there have been some things conspicuously missing from my basket.

I saw these the very day that started this madness.  Tragic.

And, I've had to avoid the Easter candy aisle altogether.  My sister, Allison (my actual from the same Mister sister) informed me that I was going to miss the short window when these little beauties are at the peak of their freshness. 
                                                     Brach's Chicks & Rabbits Marshmallows 10.5oz.

I know, I know.  I can hear the "uggh's" and the "ick's" being uttered all over blog world.  Maybe even a  "that's nasty" here and there.  I realize that I am possibly the only person over the age of 8 (aside from my sister) that likes these things. They are straight sugar and yellow #5.  What's not to like, I ask?  Oh, yeah. . this blog is about the evils of sugar, isn't it?   These seemingly innocent little chicks and rabbits are the pastel minions of the devil.   Let's move on.

So, to fill the hole in my heart basket, I've been trying to find new and exciting things at the grocery store. And lucky you, I'll be sharing my findings with you.

First up. . .KALE.

In the family of leafy greens, spinach has stolen the spotlight.  It's the star of a blasted cartoon.


I'm not going to hate on spinach. It's a solid choice.   I put it in my green monsters every morning.   But by comparison, if the old man above is spinach's mascot . . .

Here is Kale's:


It's tough. It's green.   A vitamin powerhouse.  And yes, a little intimidating.  But never fear, I've tamed the beast.

The middle man -18 months

So, what the kale?  If you read health food or nutrition blogs, everyone is talking about it.  Its very 2012 to talk about kale.

It looks like this:
Some of my veggies from this mornings trip.  If you don't know which one is kale,
we have some work to do.   Wash  all your fruits and veggies when you get
home from the store, it's a pain,  but you'll thank me later.

The stems are pretty tough, so give them a snip.

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Above are kitchen scissors #1.     I love kitchen scissors.  They are far and away my favorite utensil in the kitchen.. . .

But the other day, I came across these bad boys and I knew that my life would be incomplete if I didn't own them.

Unless you've got Johnny Depp hidden away in your kitchen pantry, you need to get you a pair of these too.  They demolish kale in no time flat.

Stems and all -chopped and ready to go

From here you can go pretty much anywhere with it.

Saute it with a little cooking spray and red onion and scramble your eggs with it:

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In a hurry?  Throw kale into any number of "convenience" foods to amp up the vitamins.  

Progresso Vegetable Classics Soup - Creamy Mushroom - 1 Can (18 oz)
Love this soup with a handful of kale and half a bottle of Louisiana hot sauce. 

Add it to any number of pasta recipes.

Orecchiette with Kale, Bacon, and Sun-Dried Tomatoes
Orecchette with kale and bacon- for recipe click here

Mix it with rice or quinoa and any meat of choice.

Stuffed bell peppers with venison, kale, and cheese

Create some "kale chips":  Spray the leafy greens with Olive Oil Pam, sprinkle them with Sea Salt, and roast it in the oven at 400 degrees until crispy (about 15-20 minutes).

In fact, pretty much anywhere you would use spinach in cooking, you can use kale . . . though I usually stick with spinach when it is going to remain raw (salads and smoothies). 

 I've even managed to sneak it in to some of the kids' food completely undetected (spaghetti sauce, cornbread muffins) and they were none the wiser. 

Kale . . . glorious kale.  See, even the label says so:  

Peace out,



  1. Where oh where did you find those awesome scissors? Do you buy your kale at Walmart?

    1. Yes. I buy kale at Walmart. The best scissors in the entire universe were purchase at tjmaxx for $5. Best $5 I've ever spent.