Saturday, March 24, 2012

Un-Hungry Games

Last night I had a little get together at my house for some literate ladies who wanted to see the Hunger Games. 

I thought about having a Hunger Games themed meal but since I'm all out of poisonous berries and couldn't find any mockingjay birds at Walmart, I went with a more mainstream selection.   I got rave reviews on the food so I thought I should post it so that you can make yourself some and be unhungry like me.

The menu included a churched-up grilled cheese sandwich, baked sweet potato fries, and an Asian cabbage salad.

I love a grilled cheese sandwich like no other. I rarely eat them these days . . . unless you count the few nasty bites of cold, limp grilled cheese that I smuggle off the Tiny Princess' plate when I'm cleaning up.

But, tonight's grilled cheese was not kid food.  Instead, it included cream cheese, bacon, and fresh jalapeños lovingly placed between two pieces of French bread. I even managed to make 16 sandwiches without burning any of them. My kids would tell you this is a real feat since one of them usually ends up with a charr-scraped sandwich.

 I served the other ladies this raspberry chipotle sauce, which is perfect for sandwich dipping.

I love this sauce so much that Santa puts two bottles in my stocking every year.

Since I'm off the sauce, I whipped up a no-added sugar version from this raspberry spread and some chipotle in adobe sauce.

It was perfect - and also perfectly legal since our plan was to add fruit back into our diets two weeks ago (though neither of us actually has done so since it kind of feels like cheating God).

The baked sweet potatoes fries were knock your socks off good.

I sliced sweet potatoes into 1/4 inch strips to resemble McDonalds' fries. I sprinkled them with Spicy Chipotle Ms. Dash, sea salt, and garlic powder and baked them for 30 minutes on 425 (flipped half-way through). I think they could have been cooked longer for additional crispness but we ran out of time since we needed to get to the theater.

The side salad was chopped cabbage, toasted sesame seeds, and shredded carrots. Because there were some fellow chickpea lovers in the group, I tossed some roasted chickpeas into the mix.

The dressing was rice wine vinegar, sesame oil, minced garlic, and minced ginger. However, rice wine vinegar is too high in added sugar for Elizabeth and I; so I made us a modified salad with a sugar-free shiratake dressing from Whole Foods.

And because I'm a good hostess and because Elizabeth and I don't want to inflict our crazy on everyone else, Elizabeth made sugar cookie bars with icing and sprinkles.

They were a winner, too.

After dinner we headed to the theater, which was packed, of course.

I may or may not have had a purse full of contraband air popped popcorn.

Turned out that, one (yes, that implies that there was more than one) of my gallon size Ziploc bags of corn was open, and I ended up eating popcorn directly out of my purse, which is really pretty disgusting when I think about all the other stuff floating around the bottom of my purse. That's what I get for cheating the Carmike, I guess.

One of my peeps borrowed my theater popcorn bucket and didn't eat all her corn - something I can't wrap my brain around. I confiscated it for the ride home, and ended up eating a not-insignificant amount of fully-fatted up corn in addition to my healthy corn. As a result, I have a popcorn hangover today. I need lots of water today, and a good run to sweat out all the salt.

I woke up this morning and had a face-off with the leftover sugar-cookie bars, but luckily the Tiny Princess was happy to take care of them for me.

Instead of cookie bars for breakfast, I took D-train to IHop on a breakfast date. I had my usual Simple 'n Fit spinach, tomato, and mushroom omelette with a side of unbuttered whole wheat toast.

Like a total freak, I brought my own cashew butter for the toast and coconut milk for my coffee. Some day my shenanigans will embarrass my kids, but D-train didn't care one little bit.

He was totally enthralled with Lorax breakfast, which was super fun and yummy looking.

Have you seen the Hunger Games and if so what did you think?
-I thought they did a good job with it though, truthfully, I was a little bored.
How do you like your grilled cheese?
-I think last night's sandwich tops all other grilled cheeses that I've had
Do you have one-on-one dates with your kids?
-With three kids, it's easy to forget o focus on them individually. Jeff instituted the new Saturday morning breakfast ritual so that we can keep up to speed on important stuff like who in their class picks their nose and eats it.

Have a great weekend!


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