Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Spooky Juliet Update: She Knows Her Letters

I had a number of friends that were truly concerned about Spooky Juliet:

Some were concerned because they are toy snobs and couldn't believe that I was actually considering giving my three year old daughter a toy that I found on the ground.  Geez.  It's not like Tiny Princess is my first child.   She's my third.  She's lucky that she has toys at all and isn't sitting around all day banging pots together.  Oh wait, I think that's supposed to be better for her brain development, right?

I had one friend that was worried that Spooky Juliet might be infested with crabs or something else menacing.  If that's the case, I'm in real trouble . . . because we all know that I put that doll down my pants yesterday:

Finally, I had a few friends that thought she is creepy and will bring bad juju into my house.   One particularly hilarious friend, Wendy,  told me that her son once got a very spooky doll in a happy meal:

Her son was so creeped out . . . and yeah, who wouldn't be? . . . that he threw it out of the window of his room.  She fetched it out of the yard and put the then muddy doll in his bed.  He freaked out and threw it out again.  She found it again and put it in his bathroom.  This is my kind of motherly love. 

But, I digressed from my digression. 

With all the concerns about Spooky Juliet aired, I thought an update was in order . . . because when I woke up this morning, this is what I found:

I guess my friends were right about her and her bad juju. 

[Please don't give me crap about the Ouija board because then I'll feel compelled to tell you why I have a Ouija board in my kitchen, and the story may involve breaking and entering and some petty theft.  Or maybe not.]

So, even though the dishwasher didn't do her in,

I think she's a goner.

Now go eat something sugar free (and tell me all about it).  I'm going to Whole Foods today!



  1. You know, she could have a party at night with your Elf on the Shelf. Then maybe they'll make creepy babies together and have weird creepy Juliet/Elf babies running around your house. Would keep your kids and cats entertained.