Sunday, March 25, 2012

I Ran My Driveway Eight Times

All of my running friends were still out of town on spring break yesterday morning or were otherwise committed (i.e. running later or dealing with puking kids).

 Personally, I was still dealing with my popcorn hangover from the night before, but finally sucked it up and put my running shoes on around noon.

I LOVE these shoes

I didn't want to leave Jeff home alone with the kids since I had gotten my girls night out the night before. So I decided to run up and down my driveway. Its almost a 1/4 mile long if you include the circle, and I wanted to run at least 4 miles. That meant running to the cattleguard and back more than 8 times. Tedious? Mmmmm. Not really.

It was a beautiful day in Southern Oklahoma. And the view on my drive is actually pretty nice.

And, I had the very best cheering section.

There was also this hot guy doing man-work in my backyard, and I got a glimpse of him on every lap. (Sorry no picture of that).

I made myself promise to not look at my Garmin and instead count the run in Eminem songs. I thought I was kind of dragging.  So, I was pretty pleased when I was done and pulled up my stats.

I spent the rest of the afternoon working on some projects (i.e. my tan sunburn) in the backyard and messing around with the kids.

It was the perfect Saturday and ended with a perfect dinner.

I cooked salmon on the grill . . . the good stuff, too . . . none of that Walmart crap. I marinated it in ginger, a few drops of stevia, and my new favorite spice, Southwest Chipotle Ms. Dash. I had a small salad with it and a piece of garlic bread (or maybe two).

And a cocktail.  After all, it was Saturday.

The raspberries sure made my drink look pretty.

This morning I went on a real run because my girls are back!

Elizabeth and Allison at the crack of dawn

We met up with Jessie along the way

After my run, I had some Elvis Presley oatmeal:  whole grain old-fashioned oats mixed with, almond milk, baby sweet potatoes, and cashew butter . . . and . . . gasp . . . a quarter of a banana. 

Its a beautiful day to run or do pretty much anything else outside.  Soak it up!


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