Friday, March 16, 2012

Freaky Friday Diversion . . . Waffle Balls!

The past two weeks my Friday posts have been about sidelining any sweet talk (meaning, not talking about it at all) . . . but this week, we are going to embrace the sweet talk . . . but from a different angle.  Because, before the sugar ban . . .
Elizabeth and I had a moment of brilliance. 
The Back Story:

It's no secret that I love cake balls.    I REALLY love cake balls.  And, so when I recently opened my internet browser and was slammed in the face with an unsolicited article in the Dallas Observer that referred to cake balls and cake pops as "bastardized cake," I took it as a personal attack.  It hurt my heart.

It was blasphemy, pure unadulterated blasphemy.  Because, what could possibly be better than a slice of cake? 

Well let me tell you.  It's a bite-size ball of cake . . . with a flawless ratio of cake to frosting . . . and a protective shell.  What's not to love?  The cake ball is portable and tidy and perfect in every way. 

I love them on a stick:

I love them with a face:

Bakerella is a baking wizard

I even love them on a plate:

these are actually mine
And, as much as I love cakeballs, Elizabeth loves waffles (and pancakes and cinnamon rolls and pretty much every other dessert-for-breakfast food).  But, really, who doesn't love waffles?

Chicken and waffles are a strange yet satisfying combination of salty and sweet.  There is something for everyone on that plate: 

this looks crazy good

Even plain old waffles with fruit and/or syrup are better than a poke in the eye:

geez louise these look good

The Brilliant Idea:

Then Elizabeth heard of a place in Oklahoma City called Waffle Champion that sells waffles stuffed with all kinds of goodies from fruit to ice cream to eggs to meats . . . to cracklins.   Seriously, you can get a waffle with cracklins:

this waffle is no joke

And that got us to thinking:

We need this:

a delivery mechanism.  a marketing marvel
At first we thought, we could sell waffles in the morning and cake balls in the afternoon.  And, that was a good start to our business model, but then our idea got even more grandiose because:


cake ball




Grumpy Jeff insists there are numerous fatal flaws in our business model.  Whatever.  I still think it is a brilliant idea.  Pure genius. 

But, now that we've given up sugar, it presents a real conundrum.  Can we make a fructose free waffle ball?  I just don't know.   Some corners you just can't cut.  Certain things are only good because they are so bad. 

So, maybe we will table this idea for the time being.

But, if the lawyering thing doesn't work out for me.  And, if the landman thing doesn't work out for Elizabeth . . . 

I think we should make a go of it.    And, when we are a success (and we WILL be a raging success), maybe Awesome Jeff will upgrade us to this:

Damn.   All this talk just made me hungry. 


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  1. I'm certain I could eat more than my weight in cake balls no problem. I will so be there if you are selling waffle balls :)