Friday, March 9, 2012

Freaky Friday Diversion: Side-lining the Sweet Talk

Awesome Jeff and I (and Grumpy Jeff, too, for that matter) disagree about a few a lot of things.  Some times we disagree so much that we can't even agree to disagree.   But, there are certain things that we are absolutely on the same page about.  One of these things is our parenting style.  

For example, here is a conversation that we had with the Tiny Princess this morning:

          TP:   Momma, I want apple juice.
          Me:   But you asked for milk.
          TP:   I changed my mind.
          Me:  You aren't allowed to change your mind in this house.
          TP:   But, I want apple juice.
          Me:   I have some coffee right here, if you want that.
          TP:   But, I don't like coffee.
          AJ:   [TP], you haven't even tried it.  You might really like it.

Tiny Princess with milk face
Now, at the ripe age of three, the Tiny Princess probably shouldn't try coffee.  Not today anyway because she actually slept really good last night. 

But, a valid point to take from this is that we should all try new things.  I'm thinking about all the things that I've recently tried and loved. 

Like brussell sprouts.  If you had asked me a couple of months ago if I like brussell sprouts, I would have probably had a knee-jerk reaction and said "heck no."  Because, we aren't supposed to like brussell sprouts.  Its ingrained in us, since childhood, to hate brussell sprouts.  My kids hate them won't even try them.  

Despite my preconceived notions that I should hate brussell sprouts, a pinterest pin peaked my interest a few months ago, and I bought them, roasted them, and tried them.  Now, I love them.  I have big hearts in my eyes when I think about brussell sprouts.  I want to eat them every other day.  If only Grumpy Jeff would let me . . .

"Trying" is great.  But, of course, there are times when "trying" isn't enough, and we should just do.  
Yoda is Awesome

One of the ladies of Team Shortstack (my workout crew) sent me a text last night that said "I plan on being at the gym tomorrow."  Because I'm a hardass motivator, I responded, "Do not PLAN on being at the gym.  BE at the gym."  And, you know what . . . she was there this morning.   Maybe she was there because she was afraid that if she didn't show I was going to come rip her out of her bed.  Regardless of the reason, I bet she's glad that she came. 
So this weekend, I'm going to try and do something new/different.  I asked Awesome Jeff what I should try this weekend, and I absolutely cannot post what his response was.  I'll let your mind wander down dangerous paths for a minute.  

One thing that I have been trying to do this week is put my iPhone and iPad away and focus on my family between the hours of 4:30 and 8:30 each night.   As a technology lover addict, this is no easy feat.  The "trying" that I have done this week has definitely been a step in the right direction, but this weekend I'm really going to "do."  So, to my close friends, if you can't reach me right away . . . hopefully its because I put my phone away for a bit to play Life with my kids.  Or, maybe I'm trapped under something heavy and could use some help.  Really, its going to be hard to know, isn't it?

Now, I promise that I'm not going to turn into one of these feel-good, tree-hugger people who think they are more motivating than annoying.  That's not how I roll.  I'm more sarcasm than motivation.  But you know what, it woulnd't kill you to try or do something new this weekend.  In fact, I encourage you to do it.  Maybe you want to try something that you are scared of.  Maybe you want to try something that you have always assumed that you don't like.   Could be something positive.  Or maybe you want to take up smoking.  I'm just saying, go ahead and do it.  Maybe, I'll try snuff.

Or, you could try what I had for breakfast this morning:

Now, I realize that - to most folks - this is not your typical breakfast dish.  It's kind of a cross-dresser dish because its a little bit of breakfast mixed with a whole lot of dinner.  But, I really do love leftovers.  I could never be married to someone who refused to eat leftovers.  Awesome Jeff would go hungry a lot if he didn't eat leftoevers. 

And, leftovers are especially great for when you are in a hurry like I was morning.  This breakfast was super easy though. 

I heated up some leftover quinoa that we had for dinner two nights ago.  I know that the picture makes it appear that the quinoa is mixed with cockroaches, but really, that dark stuff is kale.  On the stove top, I sauteed some left over squash and zucchini with a cup of spinach in one pan while I fried up a mega egg in another.  A mega egg is one whole egg and two more egg whites.  With everything piping hot, I threw the egg on top of the quinoa.  The sauteed veggies went in next, and then the whole thing was sprinkled with about half an ounce of feta. 

Conventional breakfast?  No.  Delicious?  Ab-so-freaking-lutely.

One More Thing:  Elizabeth and I are so excited that we have had over 2500 hits on our blog in just two weeks  (and that doesn't even include our own hits!).   So, we've decided that when we get to 3000 hits, we are going to have our first "give-away."  It will be a small give-away since we don't have sponsors or money to throw around, but it will be fun.  We will do a random drawing from the people that are following us or have commented on a post.  So, please leave a comment!  Or better yet, be a follower!

I hope you have a great weekend!  I have to go to a birthday party and try to pretend that there isn't a cake in the room.  Hopefully, it will be chocolate because that will make it much easier. 




  1. I am going to try to have sympathy for my husband when he gets home Sunday and can't move.

  2. For the record, your readers can "try" Brussels sprouts all they want, but they are still disgusting. Some things that are ingrained in us since childhood are ingrained in us for a reason...they are true.

    Not to mention, they make your house reek. Be smart. Try something else.

  3. Love Brussel sprouts! They were one of those veggies that were a staple in my childhood -- we called them baby cabbages. Now your probably thinking "gross she ate cabbage as a child and liked it - she's a freak". Maybe so but it sure beats eating boring veggies day after day for decades. Maybe all Brussel sprout haters should try eggplant or asparagus - the other hated veggies that I happen to love. Yep. I'm a freak who loves all veggies.