Sunday, March 4, 2012

Cuckoo for Coconuts

There are three things I hate in this world:

1.   Birds.

I was savagely attacked by an entire flock of pigeons when I was two years old. It left me permanently scarred for life.

Ok, it wasn't so much an attack, as an encounter . . .  in my  laundry room.  And, I'm pretty sure it was just one robin . . .  And, I'm not sure that I had any visible injuries.  But, the emotional damage that little bastard did to me was long lasting.   That robin did a real number on my psyche.  Walking down the street, I am quite certain they can sense my contempt.  I have no shame.  I'll grab a perfect stranger and use them as a human shield when I encounter a particularly flappy pigeon with no regard for me my personal space.    I would love to travel to Italy someday, but until they get their bird population under control,  no gelato for me.   They are disgusting, flappy creatures.

2.  Toby Keith.

I don't feel like I need to explain this one. 

3.   Coconut.

. . . one of the only foods that I have hated my whole life and continue to as an adult.  I told my mom once when I was young that there was no way I could ever marry anyone who liked coconut.  I find it so repulsive that I could not even be married to someone who likes it.  (FYI:  EZ-Go Joe hates it too. . . match made in heaven.) 

I lie to waiters and say that I'm allergic to it so that they actually go check if it's the desserts.  


Now I hate live birds, but I love birds in decor.  Bird prints, bird cages, bird postcards, bird eggs, and look at these adorable bird dishes. 

And, there is even one Toby Keith song that doesn't make me want to toss my cookies gluten-free nut thins:

But as of 10 days ago, I had yet to taste anything coconut that I liked.  Then, after last weekend's workout at Jenni's, she poured me a glass of coconut milk.   The sugar goddess loves it so we decided to give it ago.  

I was really missing my creamer in my coffee, so I gave it a little taste.   My initial reaction when I tasted its sweetness was "you bought it sweetened!" and I slammed down the cup.   I know that they sell almond milk sweetened and unsweetened, and it was soooooo sweet that I was worried that she had bought the sweetened variety of coconut milk.  We checked the bottle thoroughly and  it was unsweetened.  

It is delicious.  Seriously delicious.  I gave  EZ-go Joe a taste of it and he thought it was good, but not nearly as sweet as I thought it was . . . . which means my taste buds are changing! It's working!!  

This week I've used it in my Green Monsters (along with almond milk), poured in my coffee, in my hot tea (Jenni says it's delicious in her Chai tea) and also just poured myself a glass of it to drink as an after dinner snack.  

Add it to your grocery list this week, you won't be disappointed. 

peace out, 


  1. I may have to give that a try!!! I've been having trouble giving up coffee creamer...I've ended up doing a concoction of whole milk, maple syrup (which I guess must be off your list), caramel extract and sea salt. But coconut milk sounds way easier.

    1. Yes, please do give 'er a go. By the way, I have a present for you. Since I don't know where you live, I need to run into you in town.

  2. I'll never forget you running screaming into my house during my garage sale when a cute hummingbird came into the garage. That thing was after you, I just know it.
    I've switched to fat free half and half in my coffee instead of Coffeemate and I may just have to purchase some coconut milk. Sounds tasty because as a person who actually likes coconut, surely I'd like coconut milk!

  3. Jessie- sadly that has happened to me so many times, I don't even remember that one! And the half and half- the sugar goddess says to go for full fat. They add sugar when they take out fat. And fat has value, sugar doesn't.