Thursday, February 23, 2012

Making a change

Sugar is BAD.  I want to start making healthy choices.   I want to teach my kids to make healthy choices.  I want to teach to the WORLD to make healthy choices. . . . 

Who am I kidding?  I just bought this swimsuit and want to look just like this girl this summer.

How am I doing thus far?  Day 1 I consumed 17g of "sugar" and I didn't stab, punch, slap, rear-end, or verbally berate(out loud) anyone at all.  Winning. 

I had an odd, yet strangely delicious dinner of Oatmeal, sauteed kale and onion, cheese, and a fried egg.  All mixed together in a bowl with a good dousing of Lousiana hot sauce and it tasted just like a big bowl of cheese grits.  Super filling too. 

Day 2 was even better with 10g of sugar.  Due mostly to the fact that my diet today consisted mainly of saltines and popcorn.  

Cheesy Kale Oatmeal

I ate that after I fixed my husband this: 

Men suck,


  1. I must have this swim suit! Victorias secret I'm guessing? *Allison

    1. Turns out this swimsuit is very cheeky. I think we may need to rethink this choice.