Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Reality Check . . . and Because I'm a Little Ridiculous

Sometimes the little things that go wrong in our life can add up and start to feel overwhelming.  It can start to feel like "everything I touch turns to shit."  And, then something real happens that effects people in a meaningful way, and it can serve as a reality check. 

That happened today. 

Everything I complained about earlier is trivial stuff.  It doesn't matter if my car has a cracked windshield, a broken window, or lost papers . . . because I'm lucky to have a car.  I'm lucky to have hair to whip in the wind when the window won't roll up.   It doesn't matter that a watch that I haven't even used in six months is broken. 

Even the Tiny Princess's face will heal up.  In a few weeks, she will be perfect again.  In the mean time she'll get some extra attention, and that's not so bad.

Why the change of heart?  Some people that I know and love suffered a real loss today.  I won't go into the details because I don't want to garner a bunch of sympathy that I personally don't deserve.  But, it set me in my place.

I won't tear down my previous post, because it was how I was feeling at the moment (and I giggled a few times writing it).  But, I can't stand to have it be front and center on my page now.  Especially when, as you all know, it could be there for weeks, and there are much more important things to think about than my car situation.